4 zodiac signs that are always attracted to darkness

Not all brains are drawn to the mysterious, the occult, the dark, and the unknown. 

These individuals constantly demonstrate traits that are easily linked to gloom or more sinister subjects. 

Here are four zodiac signs that tend to enjoy the mystery of things, according to the signs of the zodiac. Do you count among them?

Perhaps more than any other sign in astrology, Scorpio is known for its association with evil. 

This sign's inhabitants are renowned for their passionate and fiery personalities. They are not hesitant to examine the darker facets of the human experience or to go into the depths of their emotions. 

They are frequently drawn to enigmas, secrets, and the unknown, which can occasionally be mistaken for a fascination with evil.  

Their tenacity and drive for change may also inspire them to face and accept their darker selves and aspects of life. 

Because they are a secretive sign, people born under this horoscope may perceive them as being drawn to the shadows. 

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