5 Zodiac Signs That Are Sensitive According to Astrology

The world can be twisted and terrible. Most of us are so used to masking our emotions that meeting someone emotional concerns us. 

Being defensive is simpler than being vulnerable. Not everyone follows this theory. Astrology recognizes five sensitive and empathic star signs. 

They watch their mouths to avoid hurting others. They avoid confrontations to avoid criticism. These zodiacs love deeply yet fear being hurt. 

Cancers like to appear disinterested. They're the most sensitive and emotionally reactive zodiac signs, but they act calm. You can tell this water sign is a large mushy ball if you're close. 


The dreamy Pisces. They hate reality and live in their fantasy world. They only perceive people's suffering when they do. Water signs love their loved ones and try to protect them.


Libras are gregarious because they want everyone to be happy, not just because they appreciate company. Their souls are pure, and they take time to know others to soothe them. 


The emotional and fragile Virgos tend to hide it. They are naturally pessimistic. And are more prone to perceive negativity in most individuals and locations.


Scorpios are intense by nature. They have deeper feelings. They fall in love quickly and want to show it. Scorpios cannot accept a less dedicated partner since they offer their all. 



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