A WELL-KNOWN WWE STAR Is Scheduled to Appear on 'MEGA PUSH'

The popularity of LA Knight has resulted in good ratings, positive reactions from the crowd, and increased sales of merchandise, and WWE management has taken notice of his accomplishments.

Recent reports have indicated that WWE and Knight have been in the process of negotiating a new long-term deal, which is either very close to being finalized or has already been finalized.

In the most recent issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer offered some additional commentary on the concept of Knight, writing

"Knight is anticipated to get a major push moving ahead in light of the fact that the ratings for his parts as well as the sales of his stuff have both been quite successful.

"The crowd reaction by itself would help you, but in many cases, if WWE thinks it's a fad and there isn't any economic indications, they only take crowd reactions to a certain level,"

The announcer said.But with Knight, success can be seen in all aspects of their business.

It was also revealed by PW Insider that the corporation is in the process of renegotiating his deal for as long as five more years.

Ken Anderson, a former star of WWE, recently commented on his time spent working with LA Knight when they were both in NWA.

Anderson stated that "nobody can touch this guy on mic."

It has also been noted that within WWE, it is generally agreed that Knight is the most popular babyface on SmackDown.


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