Aaron Rodgers discusses how the New York Jets deal 'affected' his NFL retirement intentions.

Aaron Rodgers joked that his trade to the fresh York Jets gave him a fresh lease on life, allowing him to play until his mid-40s.

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Aaron Rodgers wants his offseason trade to the New York Jets to be a success, saying he doesn't want his time there to be "one-and-done." 

The Jets signed Rodgers from the Packers in hopes of winning their first Super Bowl since 1969.

Rodgers, 39, took a $35 million pay cut to restructure his deal in late July before the new season, showing his devotion to the Jets. 

The new bonus agreement is five years long.

The four-time NFL MVP has intimated that he could play until 45, like Tom Brady, who retired again this year. 

"I think if you would've asked me five, six years ago, I would've said probably not," Rodgers said when asked if he could play until his mid-40s like Brady, who retired at 45.

After the transition and other off-field improvements I've made, I see that as a possibility where I didn't think I'd want to before. 

I'd like to play for a few years, possibly two, three, or five, to reach 45. 


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