After a fan threw an object on stage, a video of Beyoncé's dancers rushing to protect her quickly went viral.

Beyoncé's devoted dancers can be seen in a video that has gone viral on TikTok racing to her rescue after an enthusiastic fan threw an object onto 

 the stage during one of her recent Renaissance Tour concerts. The incident occurred when the singer was performing in London.

During Beyoncé's stay in Los Angeles for her tour, the dancers Laurent Nicolas Bourgeois and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois, who are well known as "Les Twins" 

and have been mesmerizing audiences for a long time with their dance moves and have earned the nickname "Les Twins," displayed their chivalry for Beyoncé..

The 42-year-old Grammy winner was in the middle of performing her chart-topping single "Drunk in Love" in 2013 when a member of the audience threw an unidentified object, 

which appeared to be a piece of clothing, at her feet. As seen in the video taken by a fan and uploaded to TikTok and published a week ago, 

the heroic duo did not waste a single second before rushing to the assistance of the "Break My Soul" singer.

The fact that the Bourgeois brothers stepped up and came to the rescue of the hitmaker responsible for "Cuff It" was inspiring and amazing to a great number of admirers. One of the Bourgeois twins

who are the same age and are both 34, had the sharp perceptiveness to see the possible risk while the other was caught up in the great energy and excitement of the music.

The twin was able to safely remove the potentially dangerous item from the stage by using fast thinking and agility, so preventing any potential injury from occurring. 

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