AJ Brown says, ‘I was dead serious’ before Eagles move.

Before becoming a pass-catcher for the Eagles and Titans, AJ Brown almost played a different sport. 

The 2016 San Diego Padres draft opened the door for the outstanding wide receiver to play in MLB. Brown recently said he was THIS close to playing baseball.

AJ Brown told Delaware Online that the Padres contacted him before his Eagles trade. The wide receiver said he was close to signing with San Diego due to his Titans frustration.

AJ Brown told Delaware Online/The News Journal, “I was dead serious” about baseball. (The Padres) contacted me. They wanted me for spring training. They waited for my response.”

Unfortunately, one factor halted Brown-Padres talks. Brown was not allowed to play two sports like Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders by the Padres. They wanted his full-time baseball focus. 

Brown was quickly traded to the Eagles, ending his time in San Diego. Brown stated, “They were telling me if I'm (still) going to play football, then not play baseball. Baseball can't be played about with. So that wrecked my chances in the moment.”

AJ Brown admits he may play in MLB. However, the wide receiver is focused on helping the Eagles win the NFC South.

 His partnership with QB Jalen Hurts seems promising following Week 2.

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Exploring the World of Corona Beer