Based on your animal sign, Chinese astrology can tell you what numbers are bad.

Lucky and unlucky numbers can affect a Chinese zodiac sign's features and fortune.The numbers that could be unlucky for your animal sign will be revealed.

Rats are renowned for their intelligence and quick wit, but when it comes to leadership, they might lack bravery. 

The unlucky numbers for them are 9 and 5. According to Chinese astrology, the number 5 has the connotations of "without" or "not," 

endeavors because it symbolizes closures and endings. Although oxen are kind and honest people,

they occasionally exhibit stubbornness. The numbers 5 and 6 are unlucky for them. Number 5 causes agitation and uneasiness, 

depriving the oxen of their serenity. Additionally, it denotes lack of self-control and emotional instability. 

Number 6 on the other hand makes them seem uninteresting and uncompetitive, leaving them open to malicious purpose.

Tigers are excellent leaders because they are strong and persistent. However, their inflated confidence can breed obstinacy and conceit. 

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Exploring the World of Corona Beer