Big-hitting Trevon Diggs? That would bode well in Cowboys’ quest for elite defense

In the course of the Cowboys' mission to build the best defense in the league, there will be several benchmarks

 Indicators along the road that may be used to evaluate the level of seriousness with which they approach this endeavor.

It is not always going to be eye-catching figures.A good example of this is Trevon Diggs.

You won't be able to judge whether or not he's bought into the defensive mission just on the interceptions.

Diggs had more interceptions in a single season than any cornerback in the previous forty-one years combined together.

 This distinguishes him apart from other players in the NFL who play the position and is one of the aspects that contributes to the distinctiveness of the Dallas defense.

However, elite? That calls for additional effort. This demands Diggs and the rest of the defensive players to widen the scope of their games.

The first part of the presentation provided evidence of that. When a pass came into Diggs' hands late in the first quarter, 

He immediately lowered the boom on running back Saquon Barkley and jarred the ball loose,

which DaRon Bland picked intercepted and returned 22 yards for a touchdown. Diggs lowered the boom on Barkley.


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