Blizzard slaps a ban on Diablo 4 gamers who used a widespread realm-hopping vulnerability.

Diablo 4 gamers fooled around, and now they're paying the price. 

Blizzard has discovered and blacklisted accounts that took advantage of a recent issue. 

Despite all of the wickedness in Diablo 4, certain aspects of the game seem to be too nice to be true. 

Like an exploit that allows you to temporarily relocate your Eternal characters to the new Seasonal Realm.

The bug was fixed in a recent hotfix prior to Patch 1.1.1. However, while it was active, 

discussions raged in the community over whether Blizzard would consider its usage a punishable infraction.

On the Blue Tracker forums, Diablo 4 Community Manager Adam Fletcher clarified things. 

"I just wanted to let everyone know that this was addressed in our last hotfix a few days ago and hasn't been present in the game since," Fletcher said. 


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