Coach Dan Campbell's Lions are undefeated, and they appear to be a postseason contender.

Before returning to work, the Detroit Lions may bask in the glow of one of their biggest victories in years.

Detroit defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 21-20 on Thursday night and will not play again until September 17, when they host Seattle.

"It's crucial," Lions head coach Dan Campbell remarked on Friday. 

"I think it's important to rest the body for three days before we leave for Seattle."

I believe it is significant, and I believe it worked out perfectly for us."

The Lions equaled, if not exceeded, the anticipation around their rising club with a road victory over the defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs.

"Not the same old Lions, the 1-0 Lions," NBC's Mike Tirico observed during the game.

Tirico went on to recall Kansas City's road triumph over the defending champion New England Patriots many years ago in an opening that signaled the Chiefs' presence.

This has an asterisk because there are no Chris Jones or Travis Kelce, but after what you saw at the end of last year and what you saw tonight, the blue and silver is for real," Tirico said.

A day later, Campbell was asked about what Tirico said, but without the rest of the broadcaster's phrase.


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