Cowboys Urged to Make Move for Polarizing Former $15 Million Starter

The Dallas Cowboys defense struggled against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 3, and it remains unclear whether the front office will attempt to add a veteran cornerback to provide reinforcements after the departure of Trevon Diggs.  

Bleacher Report compiled a list of prospective roster moves for each team, with a reunion with Anthony Brown topping the list for the Cowboys. 

"Brown was let go by the 49ers ahead of this week's contest on Thursday Night Football, and that's great timing as he can return to the place he called home for the last seven years,"  

according to Bleacher Report on September 25. "The 29-year-old won't be able to match Diggs' ball production, but he knows the system and can provide depth to a position group that now needs it. 

"Plus, it can't hurt that he may have inside information on a 49ers club that the Cowboys will face in a few weeks and may see again in the playoffs." 

It's worth remembering that the Niners re-signed Brown to a one-year contract coming into Week 3 after previously releasing him after a two-day tenure. 

Dallas would need to make a trade with the 49ers to acquire Brown, but given that San Francisco has released the veteran, there is a chance he will be cut again. 

Given that Brown was a free agent for the duration of the summer, it's difficult to see the 49ers landing more than a conditional seventh-round pick. 


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