Current Raiders moves reveal Jimmy Garoppolo's surprising future: Insider

Since the Raiders hired new quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in March on a three-year deal, there has almost been a presumption around 

the Raiders that he would be a short-term repair, a guy to hold down the fort and keep the team competitive until a long-term signal-caller is found.

Since the Raiders signed Garoppolo, there has almost been a presumption that he would be a short-term remedy.

Even during this offseason, there have been rumblings that Garoppolo would be on his way to the team's bench as soon as this winter, 

 with uber-efficient fourth-round pick Aidan O'Connell waiting in the wings for the opportunity to take over the starting job.However, 

there have been numerous indications that the Raiders do not have any such short-term plans pertaining to Garoppolo. 

These indications date back to the 2023 draft, when the Raiders passed up opportunities to move up 

 in the draft order in order to select a quarterback and instead selected edge rusher Tyree Wilson at the No. 7 spot.


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