Deion Sanders dismisses Colorado State slurs after victory: 'I'm on to better things.'

After all of the trash talk and chippiness between the two schools prior to the game, Colorado got the last laugh on Saturday night.

Deion Sanders and Jay Norvell shook hands in the center of the field after winning in double overtime. 

When asked about Norvell after the win, Coach Prime replied there were more important things to worry about."

"I know Shedeur kind of got in-between us (at the end)," Sanders said, according to 247 Sports. 

"If they're petty, I can be petty, but I don't have time for that." I'm moving on to larger and better things.

I'm delighted for the brother. I truly am. I'm glad they fought and played well. 

I'm glad for every brother who does it and succeeds. "I really am."I'm not sure where all of this comes from.

I'm required to answer since my mother taught me to. I'm thrilled for him. My achievement has nothing to do with his. 

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