Deion Sanders is not afraid to speak the unvarnished truth about American culture and society.

The head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, Deion Sanders, is currently one of the most talked-about coaches in all of football. 

The Buffaloes are currently undefeated (3-0) and ranked No. 19 in the latest poll conducted by the Associated Press. This coming weekend, they will compete in a crucial matchup at Oregon.

However, there were times when it wasn't entirely obvious that Sanders was going to be successful in Boulder. After posting about his first encounter with his squad, he was subjected to a lot of criticism. 

He told the team that he was going to carry his "Louis Vitton luggage" with him from Jackson and that any player who didn't like it should go through the portal if they didn't like it. He was very clear about this.

There were more than forty athletes that accepted Sanders' offer. However, the tough love that Sanders has shown his players thus far has paid off for a program that only won one game in the season before he arrived.

During a recent interview with 60 Minutes, Sanders did not offer an apology for the way he conducts his operations."In my opinion, telling the youngsters the truth is beneficial.

Because we spend so much time lying, our culture is incapable of recognizing the truth any longer. Everyone should have a positive experience here. According to Fox News, 

he was quoted as saying "that's not the way life is." “Now, it is my job to make sure I have what we need to win. Winning has a way of doing that; it makes a lot of people feel good.

anders asserted that anyone who allowed words to run them off was not qualified to participate in his program in any case.

We're an old-school crew, so if you went for that and were able to let words run you off, you're not for us since we don't hire people like that. The coaching is intense. Our training is rigorous. 

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