During viral moment, Colorado's Deion Sanders advised wounded TCU player to 'get back in this game'

After suffering a nasty injury late in TCU's home opener against the Colorado Buffaloes last Saturday, running back Trey Sanders stayed on the grass for a long time.

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Although Sanders played for the other team, first-year Buffs head coach Deion Sanders (no related) appeared to encourage the TCU running back on the field.

Social media shared video of Deion and Trey's interaction. But there was no audio, leaving many to speculate what the Colorado football coach told the injured running back.

The NFL legend revealed his reason for speaking to Trey this week.

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"I walked over to him because he was a kid that wanted to come here," the Buffaloes coach told On3 Sports. The reason for not taking him was due to major injuries. I still loved the kid because he wanted to play for us."

Also recounted his conversation with TCU star player.

"So I walked out there and said, 'Son, if you don't get up, they won't. Deion remarked on the "Colorado Football Coaches Show." 

I told him that. I wanted the kid to rule. First, he was Sanders, the offensive No. 2. The conversation was that."

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Trey scored three touchdowns, but TCU lost 45-42 to Colorado in Fort Worth.

Last season, TCU reached the College Football Playoff National Championship game and was the favorite Saturday.


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