Easy Tips On Astrology Remedies For Health

Astrology can reveal your personality, life events, and health. Astrology says heavenly bodies affect our physical and mental health. Astrology remedies might improve your health. This blog will discuss simple and practical astrology treatments for health.

Astrology therapies like planet-associated gemstones might improve your health. For instance:

Ruby (Sun): Ruby jewelry boosts energy and health. Emerald (Mercury): Emeralds are thought to improve mental health. Blue Sapphire (Saturn): This gemstone may prevent health problems.

Astrologers can help you choose a gemstone depending on your birth chart and health issues.

Mantras are powerful sound vibrations that improve health. Reciting mantras for your governing planet or health planet helps relax and heal. The Sun mantra “Om Suryaya Namaha” promotes physical health and vigor.

Ayurvedic astrology mixes Indian astrology with the holistic health philosophy of Ayurveda. It determines your dosha and suggests diet and lifestyle modifications based on your astrological chart. Balance and health can be achieved by matching your habits to your astrological profile.

Astrology suggests that fasting on specific days can improve health. As an example:

The moon fasting on Mondays is said to boost mental health and emotional balance.


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