Elehuris Montero maintains charge as Colorado starts lineup with excellent curveball.

The Rockies' 136th lineup, which they used in Game 145, was significantly different from their typical one. 

The order has been regularly adjusted during the season due to roster changes that have come about as a result of call-ups and trades; 

 but, seeing Nolan Jones bat first in the lineup on Wednesday caused many people to give a second take.

When asked whether he had ever batted leadoff before to his performance against the Red Sox earlier this year, he responded with a terse "no.

Following closely after him in second place were Hunter Goodman, Kris Bryant, and Elehuris Montero in third.

The logic for this decision for the coaching staff was straightforward: because Charlie Blackmon would be taking a day off, 

they decided to place the players with the hottest bats in the clubhouse at the top of the order and refer to it as the "fun"

lineup. After having some early difficulties, Colorado was able to overcome them and win 7-3 over the Cubs. In the first and second innings,

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Exploring the World of Corona Beer

Exploring the World of Corona Beer