Fan kicked from US Open after hitting Alexander Zverev with ‘famous Hitler remark

Early on Tuesday morning, a fan was asked to leave Arthur Ashe Stadium after Alexander 

Zverev allegedly heard him utter "the most famous Hitler phrase there is."

The match wasn't without controversy, despite the fact that the German star won after defeating Jannik Sinner in five sets to go to the quarterfinal.

Zverev lost it at 2-2 in the fourth set and walked over to the chair umpire to express his outrage at the fan's outrageous comment.

Zverev, 26, said to umpire James Keothavong, "It's unacceptable," and he went back right away to ask the spectator to identify himself.

Who uttered that? Who uttered that? Keothavong declared, "We're going to get him out," 

before addressing the crowd and pleading with them to show respect for the players. Play resumed shortly after, 

but a few minutes later, cameras cut to the stands as security spoke to a middle-aged guy.

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