Fans of 'Outlander' can't stop commenting on Sam Heughan's accidental thirst trap video

As Jamie Fraser in Outlander, Sam Heughan has been known to display a more seductive side of his personality. 

However, based on a surprising video that was uploaded to social media, it seems as though he actually does the same thing in real life.

On August 11, the second season premiere of the actor's docuseries Men in Kilts was shown, and since then

the official Instagram account for the show has been showcasing bits of Sam's exploits in New Zealand with co-star Graham McTavish. 

Fans were able to watch the two actors engage in a different kind of mischief in a video that was published on August 15

and showed them getting ready to dive into a body of water while they were sailing on a small yacht.

The camera pans to focus on Sam's shirtless figure and the pineapple-patterned Speedo he wore for the outing as the two of them change into their swimwear.

In a humorous scene, the audience sees Graham fixating on his friend's clothing at the same time that he is beginning to worry about what the day would bring.

A provocative caption accompanying the photo says, "New trend alert: pineapple swim bottoms."

Many viewers were unable to get over the fact that Sam had unintentionally set up a thirst trap,

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