Graham McTavish from Outlander pays a visit to Glasgow to promote Clanlands alongside Sam Heughan.

The Scottish actor recorded himself walking up Buchanan Street in Glasgow before the World Pipe Band Championships on Friday. 

Graham McTavish posted a Glasgow video promoting his new book Clanlands. 

The Scottish actor strolls up Buchanan area, enjoying a pipe band on the crowded commercial area. 

Instagram caption: "Lucky enough to be in Glasgow today promoting our tiny book “Clanlands” during the world piping championship when musicians from around the world gather on 'the tiny Green Place'. 

"This was one of their citywide impromptu concerts. Wonderful stuff." 

Outlander fans questioned the actor about his future book, which he is co-writing with Sam Heughan. 

Jewelles838: "Love the pipes, but what about this book you're promoting? Please elaborate. The title sounds like something this history enthusiast would enjoy reading." 

Graham replied: "Sam and I wrote our third book. This describes our New Zealand trip. 


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