Green Flash Introduces New Beers in the United States and Reveals Refreshed Branding

Green Flash creating Company ("Green Flash") celebrates 20 years of creating world-class beers and releases its new WEST COAST IPA® lineup, 

including the iconic WEST COAST IPA® and two new brews, Imperial and Hazy. This year-round collection is currently in 12-ounce cans everywhere.

Green Flash's new core brews honor its WEST COAST IPA®, which popularized West Coast-style IPAs and put the San Diego-based brand on the map.

The legendary West Coast IPA® (7% ABV) is brewed with six hops for nuanced pine, flowery, and ripe citrus tropical aromas.

Imperial West Coast IPA (8.9% ABV), an enlarged version of WEST COAST IPA®, delivers grapefruit zest bitterness, dark caramel,

and flowery and dry woodsy hop flavors. Imperial West Coast IPA comes in 19.2-ounce cans nationwide.

A bright, hazy West Coast IPA (6.5% ABV) brewed with Citra, Motueka, and El Dorado hops delivers tropical tastes and aromas of pineapple, stone fruit, and lime.

Our new packaging and logo celebrates West Coast-style IPAs and our roots in San Diego, a special community that has continually contributed to the craft beer lifestyle. 

Green Flash Creative & Brand Director Aaron Grossman says, "Green Flash is one of the original San Diego craft beers,

 and we'll always have a deep connection to the people, coastline, and surrounding waters." 


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