"I didn't like the role" kit harington Rejected $402M The Worst MCU Film Starring Angelina Jolie

At this point in his career, Kit Harington is at the top. As Jon Snow in the fantasy saga Game of Thrones, Harington quickly rose to international fame. 

Since then, he has been in a variety of intriguing parts and numerous classic films. 

The 36-year-old actor previously admitted in an interview that he was offered a role in a superhero movie while filming.

His critically acclaimed television series Game of Thrones, but he finally declined it because "I didn't like the role and the part." 

The actor apparently thought that role was uninteresting and declined to reveal the project's name. 

He reportedly abandoned the undisclosed superhero movie project before agreeing to star in the pivotal role in the Angelina Jolie–starrer Eternals in 2021.

Kit Harington disclosed in a candid interview with Total Film that he passed down an option to play a role.

In another superhero film project before joining forces with Angelina Jolie to act in her American superhero movie Eternals in 2021. 


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