in nail art pattern is sure to be popular in fall.

Let's be honest: with the velocity at which new manicure trends emerge these days, many of us may be suffering from mani fatigue.

It's difficult to keep up with TikTok's current 'it' design, which ranges from blueberry nails to milky nails. 

To combat this tiredness, I'd like to introduce you to a 'anti-trend trend' for autumn: the tuxedo French manicure. 

 Before you leap down my throat, I realize I'm still promoting a nail 'trend,' but this one is truly ageless. 

If you're searching for a transitional, modest manicure look to last you through autumn, the tuxedo French may be the one for you 

 I spoke with some of my favorite nail artists to find out why this one is about to go viral and how to replicate it at home

This style is essentially a 'black tie' variant of the standard French manicure, with black tips instead of white tips. 

However, the pattern can be viewed in a variety of ways. Harriet Westmoreland, the mistress of minimalism, super-fine lines, embraces the trend by hand-painting delicate black tips on transparent nails.


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