Ja Morant Traded To Spurs In Blockbuster Proposal

Writing hypothetical NBA transactions for a living can unleash your imagination. Sometimes you imagine unlikely events. 

However, the NBA is more unpredictable than ever. Stars switch teams as rich people change clothes. If they're unhappy, they may alter.  

Organizations have adapted to the changing climate. If they have reason, a team may trade a star more than before. 

However, the Memphis Grizzlies are unlikely to move Ja Morant this summer. They may not. Alternatively, they may rationalize it. 

Morant will be suspended at the start of the year. He made the Grizzlies think in 2022-23. Might they trade him to the Spurs? 

Memphis had other issues last year besides Morant. Maybe there was something in the water. Despite their best efforts, the Grizzlies ran into difficulties. 

Dillon Brooks was loud too. His postseason antics were meant to demoralize LeBron James. It seems to have backfired.

Brooks inspired James, but the Grizzlies fell in the first round. Brooks now plays for Houston. 

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Exploring the World of Corona Beer