Jann Wenner Says Sorry for His New Book's "Articulate" Slur Against Black and Female Musicians

After the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation ousted the Rolling Stone co-founder from its board for his book promotion comments, he apologized hours later.According to 

Rolling Stone co-founder Jann Wenner, Black and female musicians are not “articulate” enough for his new book.

Saturday night, hours after the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation announced his board removal, he apologized.

Wenner told The New York Times, published online Friday, that he didn't include interviews with Black and female musicians in The. 

Masters because they weren't “articulate” enough. On Saturday, he apologized “wholeheartedly” for his remarks.“I  

Apologize wholeheartedly for my comments that diminished the contributions, genius, and impact of Black and women artists in my interview with The New York Times, 

” he told The Hollywood Reporter. The Masters is a collection of interviews I've done over the years that I thought best represented rock 'n' roll's impact on my world.  

They weren't meant to represent music and its diverse and important originators, but rather the. 

high points of my career and interviews that showed my breadth and experience. They don't show my. 

Respect for the many totemic, world-changing musicians whose music and ideas I will always cherish and support. I realize the venom of poorly selected words and apologize and accept the consequences.”

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