Jim Harbaugh Landed A New Job During His Suspension At Michigan

Held in abeyance Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the Michigan Wolverines, will not be able

to return to the sidelines for the Wolverines until after their team has played two more games.

Soon after the end of this month, Harbaugh will be able to return to the coaching bench

after sitting out the current two games of a self-imposed suspension for lying to the NCAA.

In the interim, the college football head coach who was suspended has found a new job: he works in a chain restaurant.

During the football game that his kid was playing in on Saturday morning, Harbaugh worked the chains.

"Coach Harbaugh is out there working the lines for the kids today!" Sean Ritchlin sent out a tweet.

Even if Harbaugh may not be allowed to coach the Wolverines for the time being,

it is obvious that he cannot stay away from football.

On Saturday afternoon, Michigan made it to 2-0 on the 2023 regular season, improving their record.

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Exploring the World of Corona Beer