Jonathan Majors Spotted in Malibu following high school fight video controversy

Just one day after he was caught intervening in a fight between two high school kids on film, Jonathan Majors was spotted in Malibu. The fight had been captured on tape. 

The previous week, Majors was seen in West Hollywood, and for this particular visit, he wore a shirt with a red and navy patterned shirt over a blue muscular tank top.

He wore a black baseball cap on his head, and he held a bright blue bag in the hand that he was speaking with.

The actor who played the lead role in Creed III rounded out his ensemble with a pair of black pants and well-worn white sneakers with striking red laces. 

Notably, additional footage from the event he interfered in has been discovered online,

which has prompted some online viewers to wonder whether or not the incident was faked. 

Priya Chaudhry, the attorney for Majors, gave an interview to TMZ in which she addressed these rumors and claimed that the confrontation in question did in fact take place, 

so putting to rest any concerns over the legitimacy of the occurrence. An eyewitness has come forward in the wake of recent rumors 

and questions surrounding the veracity of the event in which actor Jonathan Majors tried to mediate a fight between two students at their high school.

The witness has stated that the fight did in fact take place. The individual, who described themselves as a student at the institution where the brawl took place, 

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