Kevin Costner slams ex-wife Christine's 'outrageous' demand for $885K in legal fees.

Kevin Costner's lawyer has slammed his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner for making a "outrageous" demand during their divorce.

Lauren Wasser, a Hollywood lawyer, is representing the A-lister, who has been ordered to pay his ex-handbag designer $885K in legal fees.

Baumgartner, 49, was recently fined $14,500 for failing to explain why her prenuptial agreement with Costner, 68, should be annulled.

She has supposedly attempted to retaliate by requesting nearly a million dollars in divorce court to dispute only one issue.

Baumgartner wants to talk about whether her "waiver of spousal support is enforceable," according to TMZ.

However, Wasser's lawyer believes her demand is "nothing short of outrageous."

She claims Baumgartner's lawyers would have to work 1,106 billable hours to justify the exorbitant fee she's seeking.

Furthermore, Wasser claims that a judge has already agreed that the prenup is enforceable.


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