‘Lo-fi music is true and original, that’s what makes it relatable’

I'm in a band called Thanks Mom, and Erica Lee is the primary songwriter and producer for the band. 

The sixth and last year of secondary education in Kildare has just come to an end for us. Even though I've known her for a long time, 

it wasn't until the fifth year of school that she was placed in my class that we became close friends. We shared several hobbies, one of the most important of which was music.

he persuaded me to join a band with her one day while we were standing on the balcony of the school gym. The very same week that there was a busking event at school

 I made the spontaneous decision to accompany her to the event. Since then, we've been hard at work, and we've since added Amélie on bass and Cillian on drums to our lineup. 

It is because she is the band's primary songwriter and the person who oversees the DIY songwriting process that I have chosen to conduct this interview with her.

In your opinion, what are some of the benefits of creating goods in one's own country? There is nobody there who can pass judgment on you. You are responsible for doing everything on your own.

You could, for example, record yourself yelling into a microphone for the entirety of a song and release it as your own. 

Lo-fi music provides a setting in which one can freely express themselves in the absence of anyone else.

What connotations does the name of your band, "Thanks Mom," bring up for you? I like that our band's name doesn't give too much away. 

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