'NBA overextends people for less than $50,000,' says a former social media employee who hacked the NBA's Facebook account.

Recent actions by a former NBA staffer surprised the world. While logged into the league's Facebook account, he posted about working for Adam Silver. 

The former employee described working for the NBA's social media staff.  

They said Adam Silver overworks his employees, who sometimes work 14-hour days.  

Since this originated from the league's verified account, it will reach many. Adam Silver has not addressed these charges. 

This would be a major setback for the league. They strive to set the bar for pro sports teams. Work low-wage workers this hard is an abuse of power. 

The former NBA employee utilized Facebook for personal again and displayed the organization. After his rant, he marketed his business. 

After resigning from the league, the employee is looking for new work. They appear to be self-employed. The league issued a Facebook ad for social media services. 

It may seem little, but this ex-employee rant hurts the league. Adam Silver must lead the massive outreach. 


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