NFL Fans Reacts Joe Burrow's Postgame Announcement

Unfortunately, that's the least of the Bengals' concerns right now. After Cincinnati's 27-24 loss to the Ravens Sunday,

Burrow announced he re-injured his calf. "Bengals QB Joe Burrow said he tweaked the right calf at the end of the game.

Said he’ll have to see how it feels tomorrow," Bengals reporter Ben Baby tweeted.

Joe Burrow's performance in Week 1 was the poorest of his NFL career. The quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals' second game didn't fare any better. 

"Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow claimed he strained his right calf late in the game. said he'll need to wait till tomorrow to see how it feels," 

Bengals reporter Ben Baby tweeted. We won't speculate, of course, but if Burrow's calf problem persists,

the Bengals may have to think about holding him out for another couple of weeks. Furthermore, losing Burrow for a month would be disastrous given Cincinnati's 0-2 record. 

The postgame announcement made by Burrow has NFL fans quite unhappy. 

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