NFL Makes Official Decision On Punishment For Deshaun Watson

During Monday night's loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Deshaun Watson was in the center of multiple on-field infractions.

The Cleveland Browns quarterback was called for two flagrant facemask penalties, as well as making contact with an official during an incident with an opposing player.

Contacting an authority is usually grounds for swift punishment — and even suspension. Having said that, the NFL has decided to be more forgiving against Watson.

The Browns' quarterback will face no repercussions for contacting an official.

"Officials are called upon to maintain order on the field, and sometimes contact between players and officials occurs inadvertently while performing those duties." 

"In this case, in their opinion, the contact did not rise to the level of a foul," the league said in a statement released on Tuesday, according to NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero.

Watson may be punished for his two facemask penalties

But he will be available for the Browns' Week 3 game against the Tennessee Titans.


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