NFL Week 3 grades: Dolphins receive 'A+' for scoring 70, Cowboys get 'F' for surprise defeat to Cardinals

The third week of the season has all of a sudden become one of the craziest in NFL history. This is mostly because the Miami Dolphins scored 70 POINTS against the Denver Broncos, 

making it one of the craziest weeks in NFL history. You probably want to know how often that happens, so I'll answer that question for you: Usually not. 

 It was the fourth time in NFL history (including playoffs) that a team scored 70 points. It was also the first time since Washington scored 72 points 

against the Giants in 1966 that a team scored 70 points in the NFL. The Titans might want to throw out what they're doing on offense and start over,

because what they're doing now isn't working. Even though their offensive line was way outmatched, the Titans didn't even try to run the ball in this game. 

Seven of the Titans' first nine plays were passes, which made no sense, and Ryan Tannehill couldn't do anything. The Titans offense only got six first downs all day, 

so that pretty much sums up how the day went. For the second time in three weeks, Tannehill made a lot of bad throws (13 of 25),

but he didn't have much time to throw the ball. If the Titans can fix their offensive problems, they can fight in the AFC South. If they can't, Tennessee is in for a long season. 


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