PRICEY'S PAIN Katie Price said her son Harvey was hospitalized and called her crying.

Harvey, age 21, suffers from numerous problems, two of which being Prader-Willi syndrome and autism. 

Prader-Willi syndrome is a disorder that causes intense appetite and can lead to weight increase. Autism is a condition that can induce weight gain.

She revealed this information in an open-ended segment of her podcast titled "The Katie Price Show,"

 in which she stated that Harvey was sent to the hospital because he was experiencing severe ear discomfort.

The medical staff at the hospital performed the procedure on his ear once more the day before yesterday.

"He's calling me going 'crying mum' and all that," the woman explained.

They wrapped a bandage over his head before he went to bed the other night in an effort to prevent him from continuing to do that to his ear.

"So, he's calling me up all pitiful and stuff, is that it? Wednesday is the day I've set aside to pay him a visit.

Katie continued by saying, "I know why he only wants to stay in hotels because he wants all of the room service, and that's the only reason he wants to do that."

However, his behavior is so poor right now, and his ear isn't helping the situation at all.As if I could bring him home, but he would destroy everything if he did.

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