Rhea Ripley's injury status has been updated by WWE following the RAW assault.

As a result of the attack on RAW, WWE has provided an update regarding Rhea Ripley's injury status.

The commentary crew explained why The Eradicator wasn't used on this week's edition of SmackDown because Finn Balor was using The Judgment Day in his corner instead of the finisher, The Eradicator

Michael Cole mentioned that Rhea Ripley was absent from this week's broadcast of WWE RAW because she was unable to be medically cleared after the abuse that Nia Jax inflicted on her, which continued long after the show had ended.

Judgment Day was able to assist Finn Balor in achieving victory over AJ Styles even though Rhea was unable to be present for the show she was associated with. 

Jimmy Uso was there to cause a distraction and ensure that he would win the match.

ripley has been one of the stars in the organization who has put in the most effort over the past several weeks, and it appears that she will finally have some time off to relax after all of her hard work.

It is hoped that she would be given the green light to participate before the subsequent episode of RAW, which is when Nia Jax will ostensibly explain her behavior.

At the Fastlane event, was Rhea Rupley planning to defend her Women's Championship against Nia Jax? Please leave a comment below sharing your thoughts on the topic.

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