Sam Heughan lobbied for 'Outlander' Season 8 to be the final season.

Nothing frightens TV fans more than the abrupt and unclear end of their favorite episodes. 

his nightmare may have become a reality for Outlander fans had it not been for the involvement of the show's lead star, Sam Heughan.

Outlander has become much more than a job for Heughan, who has played fan favorite Highland warrior Jamie Fraser since the show's beginning in 2014.

When discussions among producers about potentially leaving fans in a state of longing by ending the series inconclusively with Season 7, 

Heughan took it upon himself to advocate for another season prioritizing fans' connection to the series.

Outlander is based on a series of best-selling books by renowned author Diana Gabaldon. 

Currently, 9 out of a planned 10-novel series have been written, with Season 7 currently coinciding with the period of the 7th book, An Echo in the Bone. 

However, with only one season remaining until the show's conclusion, the TV adaptation will almost certainly end differently than the original material,

as compressing elements from three additional volumes into a single season appears to be an impossible task.

Regardless, Heughan is working hard to ensure that the series ends on a high note. In a recent interview with The Herald, the actor discussed his role in advocating for an eighth season.

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