Shakira criticized by ex-employee for being ‘not very professional’

After in the footsteps of Lizzo, Shakira has been accused of wrongdoing by ex-staff members.

Cristina Castano, a former employee, spoke to Asi es la vida about working with the Colombian musician

on the music video for Hips don't lie and said that the musician's demeanor was not nice.

She has even spoken out against what she sees as too harsh treatment of the extras.

Cristina Castano's frank revelation hints that the Colombian singer asked the background actors to avoid making eye contact with her throughout filming.

They are required to take a stand and face the wall whenever Shakira is in the vicinity, 

 As stated in the contract. There are no words left," Castano told the media.

It isn't very professional when you tell people not to approach you and then remove a female who draws more attention than you do from the set.

The former employee also discussed Shakira's relationship with Gerard Pique, adopting Pique's side and describing the singer as "complex."

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