Sheryl Crow acknowledges that relocating from Los Angeles to Tennessee'saved her life.'

Sheryl Crow believes leaving Los Angeles for Tennessee and living a more rural existence improved her life. 

Performer at 2023 Sea.Hear.At the Now Music Festival in New Jersey over the weekend, the Grammy winner empathized with her audience's struggles. 

"I know how hard it is for especially young people — and I don't know if anyone was pained by struggles 

I was when I was young — but these are some tricky waters to navigate now," she said.

She remarked, "I'll just tell you that, for me, getting out in nature really saved my life," before performing "Cross Creek Road," reported People.

"So, I moved to Nashville and bought a farm," said 61. "I sat in the trees and asked God for answers, and I wrote this song." 

In 2003, Crow moved to Nashville, stating to Rolling Stone, "I relate to Nashville since many of my friends work in the music industry there. 

Not only that, I relate to people. Friendship and homeiness resonate with me. My body relaxes more than in New York or L.A."

The singer-songwriter told The New York Times she acquired her farm two weeks after her breast cancer diagnosis.


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