Sophie Skelton leads the cast of murder mystery thriller

Outlander and Day of the Dead: Bloodline star Sophie Skelton leads Row, a murder mystery thriller filming in Scotland soon.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Sophie Skelton of Outlander will head the cast of Row, a UK murder mystery thriller in pre-production that will begin filming in Scotland next month.

Line producer Matt Schichter and Skaugen are producing the film. Losasso said, “An immense ocean appears to stretch infinitely in all directions, but on board the Valiant, the lack of space fuels paranoia and intense drama.

A thrilling and ambitious script. Filming on water is difficult enough, but add a convoluted dark plot, technical ways to avoid green screen backdrops, a desire to convey ocean landscapes' rough grandeur, and independent filmmaking limits.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, production designer Alex Jones Nash has designed and built a water tank on the ocean's edge so Row may be filmed in it yet seem like he was on the open sea.

Sophie Skelton is best known for playing Brianna in 48 episodes of Outlander, which I have yet to watch. 

The only other film I have seen her in is Day of the Dead: Bloodline, a failed remake of the George A. Romero classic. Row will likely do better.


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