Steph Curry unveils sleek new whisky during lavish stop at iconic Las Vegas lounge

Even though the start of the NBA season is still a few weeks away, it looks like Steph Curry is making the most of his vacation. 

 Curry is undoubtedly making the most of his time off before reporting to training camp by kicking back with a bottle of whiskey and puffing on a hefty cigar while resting.

 Other basketball stars have already started working on their games, but there's no urgency for Steph because he's already won four titles. Other basketball stars have already started working on their games.

A well-known hotel bar in Las Vegas known as "Eight Lounge" just recently uploaded a photo to Instagram of Steph Curry in which

 he is shown smoking a cigar and drinking a bottle of Gentlemen's Cut Bourbon at the same time.

Because of the activities he engages in during the offseason, Steph Curry has been the subject of much discussion across all of social media this whole summer. Curry has lately secured his standing as a professional golfer, 

 in addition to the fact that he has already established himself as one of the best players in the history of basketball. The NBA player that has won four championships in a row most recently took first place in the 2023 American Century Championship.

The fans were more captivated by the manner in which Curry secured the gold than they were by the fact that he won the title.

Even though Steph is famous for his long-range three-point bombs on the court, it is incredible to see how he can translate his shooting prowess on the golf club. 

 The internet was flooded with videos of Curry scoring hole-in-ones, and his supporters couldn't get enough of him doing it.

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