SWEET ANIMALS I'm an expert in dogs... This is the breed that is always left behind; it is a fallacy that they require long walks.

Lurchers are sighthounds like Greyhounds, Whippets, and Salukis crossed with herding or terrier breeds.

Tall, athletic, and adventurous, they are quieter than their more confident peers.

Because they're crossbred, the pups' size, hair length, and color are unique.

Lurchers are smart, strong, and loyal, making them ideal family pets.

Alex said the breed "spend longer in our care" than other hounds because they're too difficult.

However, the dog lover wants to dispel Lurcher falsehoods that deter dog lovers.

He said they were "trustworthy and gentle" and formed deep ties with their human caregiver.

Alex added they are "desperate to build that special bond with a new owner and find a sofa to call their own".


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