The boss of Outlander offers a cryptic season 8 hint concerning the series' fate.

Outlander's feared break, known as the Droughtlander, continues, with fresh episodes set to air in 2024.

Season seven was revealed to be broken into two sections of 16 episodes each, with the first block currently completed.

The remaining eight episodes will be released sometime next year, but the exact date has yet to be announced.

Nonetheless, showrunner Matthew B. Roberts has revealed some details from the show's second half.

"This season, Jamie has so many cool outfits and costumes - and I'll give you a little spoiler: it only gets better," he stated on the official Outlander podcast."

"You see Sam [Heughan] before filming and you go, 'Holy moly, that's going to be great," he adds.

Roberts also hinted at Season 8, which will be the final one, and the end of Outlander.

Previously, the Outlander team anticipated season seven would be the final installment, with network Starz providing one more to complete the story.

"I can't remember when I found out we were getting a season eight - exciting news - but I started to shift," he remarked. 

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