The Chiefs would be foolish to franchise-tag Chris Jones in 2024.

Chris Jones, a Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle, attended last night's game as a fan rather than a player.

His strike has officially extended into the regular season, with Week 1 — and the $1.08 million salary that comes with it — gone.

While it's unclear whether he'll continue to miss games in September and October, he has previously stated that he'll be back by Week 8. 

There's a good explanation behind this. It's the practical deadline set by the Collective Bargaining Agreement for him to appear and receive credit for the final year of his present contract.

He'd be eligible for free agency again in 2024. And, according to sources, the missed games and lost compensation will not lessen the basis for his franchise tag if the Chiefs utilize it.

Jones' cap number of $27 million becomes the beginning point for his tag in 2024, according to several sources, even if he does not earn the full $19.5 million salary. 

That corresponds to a franchise tag of $32.4 million in 2024 (a 120 percent increase above his cap number in 2023).

It will rise even higher if Jones has 10 total sacks in the games he plays. His cap number would be increased by the $1.25 million incentive, and his franchise fee would be $33.9 million.

The most straightforward method to avoid this is to sign him to a long-term contract. Will the Chiefs pull it off?

The clock has struck midnight on Week 1, and the final countdown has begun ahead of Week 2 versus Jacksonville.


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