The World's 10 Best Beers

You may be a beer connoisseur, but have you ever tried any of these international brews? Here is where you may find the best beer on earth.

The best and hardest job in the world is choosing the best beers. There are more than 9,500 breweries in the United States,

and there are tens of thousands more scattered over almost every continent. (There isn't a brewery there yet.)

We have, however, come to a consensus on a list of 50 of the best easily available beers after extensive research—and, well, drinking. 

We made an effort not to choose special IPAs that are exclusively offered in taprooms on Tuesdays for a two-hour period.

Instead, the majority of these beers have a respectable distribution, so you won't need to purchase a plane ticket to cross these beverages off your list.

We've put IPAs on the list of outstanding beers, but we've also got stouts, sour ales, amber ales, lagers, pilsners, barrel-aged beers, and more of the popular brews you can find at your favorite beer bar or retailer. 

This will also act as a primer to help respond to some of the most frequently asked questions, such as what is craft beer and what foods, events, and seasons it goes well with?


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