Tom Holland misses Avengers Endgame shot "Sorry guys, I erred".

One of the most adored actors to have portrayed Spider-Man is Tom Holland. Over the past few years, the MCU's web-slinger has webbed his way into many people's hearts. 

Holland and Peter Parker have established a reputation as endearingly awkward characters. The actor acknowledged to making mistakes on the set of Avengers:

Endgame in a previous interview with Rotten Tomatoes, which may have made him feel a little humiliated in front of his heroes. This is what transpired.

In a 2021 interview, Holland talked openly about screwing up badly on a crucial scene in the largest MCU film. 

He disclosed that the error occurred during the fabled final battle between Thanos and the Avengers. 

"Everyone screams and charges towards the enemy," he said, "as soon as he says, 'Assemble,'" he was about four or five people below him. 

But the actor's experience with this goosebump-inducing sequence turned out a little differently.

Tom noted that the funny mistake resulted from his inability to hear the famed war cry due to his distance from the Captain America actor.

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