Top 5 Protective Pups According To Dog Experts: Best Dog Breeds For Home Security

Given that they have been guarding humans and their livestock for countless years, dogs are sometimes said to as (hu-)man's best companions. And while many modern pet owners only seek companionship, 

some continue to look for a dog that can protect their family. But not every dog is suitable for the work due to the wide range of breeds. 

Think of the golden retriever. Some animals are overly hospitable and would gladly welcome a stranger into their home. Think of the chihuahua. 

What breeds or crosses make good security dogs then? StudyFinds conducted research to determine the top dog breeds for home protection.

A recent survey found that the majority of Americans (52%) simply don't feel safe. Nearly half of respondents reported feeling uneasy while out and about,

worrying about their safety at home alone (42%), and avoiding residing on the first or bottom levels of apartment complexes out of concern for house invasions (45%).

Purchasing security equipment and obtaining a dog are the two most popular safety precautions Americans take to protect themselves in their homes.

Security systems can serve as a deterrent, but they cannot physically protect you. You can only pray that assistance will come in time in the event of a break-in. On the other side, a guard dog defends and discourages. 


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