Two Florida State Greats Trade Barbs on Social Media

Deion Sanders, former Florida State cornerback and Colorado head coach, loves the spotlight.

He was called "Primetime" for several reasons, including being an NFL Hall of Fame defensive back. 

Two-time All-American Sanders played four seasons at Florida State from 1985-1988 before being drafted fifth overall by the Atlanta Falcons.

The head coach's declaration earlier in the week in a press conference that he isn't a Seminole is odd as the Buffaloes prepare for a week one game against TCU.

No, no, no, no. Actually, where did I graduate?" Sanders stated when called a "Nole" by a reporter.

Some Alumni didn't like Sanders' lack of interest in FSU, as former FSU quarterback and CBS analyst Danny Kanell tweeted.

"Wow. The disrespect for his alma mater is shocking. The school that retired his jersey. The school that made him Prime. This isn't the answer to this question."

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Exploring the World of Corona Beer

Exploring the World of Corona Beer