‘Unforgivable, moronic’ Lamborghini stunt by MrBeast draws criticism.

Even though YouTuber MrBeast has 182 million fans, that doesn't mean he can't be criticized.

Even though his videos have helped him do a lot of good things, like plant 20 million trees,

 take 30 million pounds of trash out of the ocean, and give millions of dollars to charity, not everyone agrees with all of his decisions.

In a recent video, MrBeast sets off a lot of explosives and drives a Lamborghini into what has been called the world's biggest shredder. This has caused a bit of a stir.

What do you think about the new MrBeast video?" asked a Reddit user in the r/Anticonsumption subreddit, which is a place where people can criticize consumer culture. 

 "What do you think about the fact that he blew up $110,000 worth of explosives and made a lot of pollution? Also, the part where the Lamborghini shreds."

One Reddit user said about the explosives stunt, "I'm not really worried about the pollution one guy makes for YouTube videos, considering all the charity work and nice things he does for people."

We don't know if the pollution from the blasts was especially bad or if the value was what the commenter thought it was.

The United Nations Environment Programme says that when buildings are hit by blasts, dangerous materials like asbestos, 

industrial chemicals, and fuels are released into the air and water, causing damage to the environment.

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