Venango County Sells $250,000 Powerball Ticket

A $250,000 Powerball with Power Play ticket was sold by Spanky's Tobacco World, a lottery retailer in Venango County, for the drawing on Saturday, October 15. 

The ticket won $250,000 by matching the red Powerball (15) and four of the five white balls drawn (32, 37, 40, 58, and 62).

The ticket would have been worth $50,000 if the $1 Power Play option hadn't been available. If Spanky's sells the winning ticket, they will receive a $500 bonus.

Winners aren't announced, according to the Pennsylvania Lottery, until after awards are collected and tickets are verified.

After the drawing, the winner has a year to claim their prize. 

Other Pennsylvania Lottery Powerball tickets that were purchased won prizes totaling nearly 60,000 dollars.

Players should always examine their tickets, according to the PA Lottery. 

For the upcoming drawing on Monday, October 17th, the current Powerball jackpot rolled to an estimated value of $480 million, or a $242 million cash out. 

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