Venus Williams: "Young women know nothing about the world."

Venus Williams attended the 50th anniversary of the US Open's campaign for equal prize money Champions of Equality event.

Venus Williams said young women athletes are impressionable because they lack maturity to handle varied situations, making them easy targets.

The American tennis icon said: "The WTA takes measures, and they're taking more every year.

Because young women are so good. Great impression.

They know nothing about life. Most just played tennis. 

I know how that feels, yet I was protected and taught your beliefs.

Not everyone gets to know themselves at a young age.

 The WTA is acting. I see it everywhere. Excited for that."

Venus gave an honest press statement after her New York elimination: "I want to offer credit to my opponent. 

Today, she stopped my best shots and responded with winners or spin shots, so I had no chance.


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